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Rudrakshya shops in Bhubaneswar
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About us 

Abragems is one of the leading gemstone dealers in Bhubaneswar offering certified gemstones, Rudraksha and Yantras. In this competitive era, everyone is running after success and happiness and we are proud to bring the ancient science of gemstones, Yantras, and Rudraksha which are considered as the most auspicious things for happiness and success in life. We not only provide natural precious stones but also set the gemstone price in Odisha by providing budget-friendly gemstones like Emerald Stone, Ruby Stone, Blue Sapphire Stone, Yellow Sapphire Stone, Red Coral, Amethyst Stone, Turquoise Stone (Firoza Stone), Tourmaline Stone, Garnet Stone, Aquamarine Stone, Sunela Stone, Blue Topaz Stone, Smoky Quartz Stone, Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye Stone, Opal Stone, Peridot Stone, Lemon Quartz Stone, Natural Pearl and many more. We offer many types of special Rudraksha that are pure and represents the power of Lord Shiva. Our offered Rudrakshya are tested in labs as well as purified with the sacred Vedic hymns to ensure the luck and prosperity of our consumers. As a renowned Yantra provider in Bhubaneswar, we offer Sri Laxmi Yantra, Hanuman Yantra, and many other powerful yantras to ensure the health, wealth and well-being of our clients. As a reliable wholesaler of certified gemstones, Abragems stands for quality and spreading happiness throughout the society

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